Our DBFit Warrior Christine sheds bodyfat and gains muscle for her wedding day in September after signing up in August.

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The thought of having a personal trainer scared me so bad, that for many years, I put off inquiring about having one. I always felt that it was for the hard core work-out fanatics. However, it was nothing like I had ever envisioned. It was not easy, but Damian made it seem less hard core. Damian helped to quickly put my mind at ease while at the same time motivating me to reach my full potential. Working out in a public park was amazing, because it allowed me to take in fresh air and to not feel as if I was confined to a gym or studio. There's only one word to describe Damian, and that word would have to be AWESOME!! He is very knowledgeable in nutrition, exercise, technique, form and proper body alignment. After our session I went back to my car and literally cried because I was in such disbelief as what both me and my body was able to accomplish. Damian knows how to motivate without being pushy, he gives you lots of high fives, he knows how to read your face and in turn uses this amazing gift in order to help you through the routines. His personality and approach not only makes him a GREAT trainer, but someone that you can relate to. He was like my damsel in distress and made me realize that, even though it may be a struggle, he possessed all of the skills, tools, and expertise that it would take to get me to the point of being a healthier me. Not only would he bring me to that point, but he would be with me along the journey every step of the way!!Lateisha S.


Working with Damian has allowed me to not only meet but exceed my fitness goals. He is serious about training and having his clients see meaningful results. Whenever I feel like I want to give up, Damian is right there to support me and coach me until the end. Whether I was trying to be in my best shape or working through my pregnancy, Damian is professional and fun. His workouts are always unique. His body is his temple and he will sculpt yours too-A.O'Neil, Battery Park, NYC


DAMIAN BAILEY is by far one of the best fitness professionals I've worked with. I always felt motivated, encouraged and supported during my comp prep. His workouts were truly hardcore. If you want challenging workouts, diversity and a supportive fitness professional, DBFit is the way to go"-E. Aquino, Chelesa, NYC ​


"I want to workout the hardest: Feel my healthiest; be my strongest and look my best. Training with DBFit allows me to realize and acheive all of these goals. If that's what you want, then Damian is the trainer for you"-S.Lewis, TriBeCa


"In the first week of our training session, I couldn't do a full push up. I was on my knees and struggling just to get 4 reps in. I was so mad when he told me that this was the last time I would do it in on my knees and I thought he was insane but I stuck it through. We progressed using his form techniques on push ups and now I'm happy to say I can do more than 25 push ups on my toes. And I'm 43 years old. My goal is to do more. DBFit is the absolute truth" - Ms.C. Jackson, TriBeCa



Damian Bailey is an outstanding trainer. Not only does he possess knowledge and skills necessary to be a competent trainer, he also has an innate talent that enables him to devise highly individualized, and specialized exercise programs for his clients. Damian is a passionate, dedicated professional, whose number one priority is the needs of his clients.-J.Wahl, Bronx NYC



It has always been a personal goal of mine to be fit and toned. Getting a personal trainer was on my New Years resolution list for probably 5 years. This year I finally did it. When running along the west side highway – I see many trainers with their clients along the river. I kept saying to myself ‘just stop and ask for a card’. Damian Bailey happened to be the one I stopped to ask. He is now my dedicated personal trainer. He has motivated me through many workouts and challenges, encouraging me and giving me strength all the way. I could not be more pleased with how my muscles are toning. Even my friends and co-workers have noticed a difference! Now – being ‘over 40’ – this takes a lot of work!!! But it is totally worth it. I was out running a few months back – another personal trainer with his client – gave me a ‘nod’ while I ran past him. I knew this was totally attributed to Damian – and all the hard work he has put me through. We’re still working towards my ultimate goal, and I know I have to put in my sweat and tears – but I know I could not do it without Damian!-LC, West Villiage